wooden urns

The new and beautifully handcrafted urns have arrived from the wood turning work shop. Every piece is amazingly unique!

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sfera online at zooplus.de

Urne Tiere chrom

We are pleased to announce another cooperation. Sfera is now exclusively on the website of zooplus.de! zooplus.de  

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Sfera exclusively at Bestattung Wien


We are delighted to announce our cooperation with Bestattung Wien. Sfera urns have now been added to the collection of urns at the head quarter and all the district branches in Vienna. Bestattung Wien

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The passing of a person is being described by many people as the stepping out of the physical body and compared to the transformation of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) This unique urne was designed on special request by a young family.

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The increasing demand for urns

Urne aus Holz

In this ever changing world even the way people think about funerals is under scrutiny. There is an increasing demand for an individual cremation compared to a conventional burial which in turn has an effect on the appearance of cemeteries. More and more it is a matter of the price and the ongoing maintenance of […]

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A project by Sfera for an individual resting places for your urn. The Kolumbarium is a new kind of a cemetery where old tradition gives way to the new demand for resting places for urns. Sfera strives to fulfill the changing demands for a modern and tasteful way of cremation by offering a unique range […]

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Let there be light!


Have a look, what Sfera has created! We now offer illuminated Sfera urns complete with a cable and a light bulb creating an unique lighting fixture. If you are interested, just write to: office@sfera-urns.com

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Losing a much loved child

bestattung kind

Losing a child can cause the most unimaginable pain parents have to cope with in their lives. There is a variety of help and support on offer to guide parents through the bereavement process. The picture shows the laying-out using a Sfera urn with friendly permission of Naturbestattung.  

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Your Wish, our Design!

camouflage spacial urn

Camouflage! Urns dressed up for carnival? No, this urn was created for a client’s special request. We will be happy to come up with the optimum design for your individual urn. Sfera urns – design urns!  We are dedicated to your needs.

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Snow in Austria!

snowball with ducks

Finally we have snow in Austria! To all the skiers, enjoy the snow!

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A special urn for an outstanding person. Diamonds are forever! If you are you looking for something really special and especially valuable, this creation is for you. This is a polished steel model which, depending on the size of the stones, can be set with up to 3,000 flawless, brilliant-cut diamonds or artificial stones.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


At Christmas time I wish you only the very best, and that all your dreams will soon come true. Enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Open Day

Sfera Bestattung Wien

Allerheiligen at the Bestattung Vienna. On a sunny autumn day many people came to see for themselves what the headquarter of the Bestattung Wien, opposite the main gate of the Wiener Zentralfriedhof, had to offer. On display were urns and coffins, finger prints of loved ones on juwelery, prescious stones made from the ashes and […]

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What happens after death

creative urns

Project work during religious education How to deal with the unknown and the question: What happens after death? Around the weekend of Allerheiligen the children of the Sonderschule Mödling learned about the different ways of a funeral under the careful guidance of Carolin Hoffeld. The theme of the day was: What does my heaven look […]

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Urns as artwork in your home

Individual urn on a mantel, Sfera Solidsphere

The subject concerning the end of one’s life and the increasing options of funerals are becoming more a talking point as one grows older. More and more people do not want to burden their loved ones with the arrangements of their funeral, but want to organise it in a way, that reflects their character and […]

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